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The Lego Brick


The classic, red, 2x2 Lego Brick!
It makes for a good display piece, as it looks quite realistic, and it has a very distinct 'LEGO' written on it.
But there is more to it than meets the eye: You can open up the front, which is actually hinged, to get inside the brick. For that same purpose, the top of the brick also comes off. There is also a simple lock to prevent the door from swinging around freely.

Inside the brick, there is a classic green (grass) floor, with a clear sky behind it. On the left of the brick I have built up a small mountain with a waterfall leading into a pond. The middle and right side have nothing. Why? Because it is for you! Get creative and build and put whatever you want in the rest of the brick. Your brick, your creativity. Enjoy!

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