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Mulan - Reflection


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“When will my reflection show
Who I am inside?”

So sings Mulan in “Reflection” as she struggles to bring honor to her family after failing to impress the matchmaker.  Throughout this introspective song, she walks along the garden behind her traditional Chinese family home.  She observes her heavily made-up face from the reflection of the lily pond.  Mulan passes the stone dragon statue, her family’s spiritual guardian, and continues up the steps until she comes to the pagoda that houses her ancestors’ tombstones.  Staring at her reflection upon the mirror-like stone, she wipes off the makeup from her face to reveal herself.  She wonders if she can ever bring honor to her family.

This set showcases the scenery visited by Mulan during “Reflection” - arranged so that it can be displayed and viewed in 360 degrees.  The sites are set at different angles and height to allow for maximum vantage points.  The water surrounds the outer edge of the set.

‘Mulan,’ Disney’s 36th animated featured length film, continues in the tradition of strong-willed young woman who refuses to conform to what society demands of her.   Whereas the other Disney heroines risks everything for love, Mulan goes a step further.  To save her sick father from being drafted into the imperial army, Mulan disguise herself as a man to serve in his place.  Eventually, Mulan realizes the way to bring honor to her family is by being true to her own self.  Released in 1998, this beloved classic is fast approaching its 25th anniversary.

‘Mulan’ has always been one of my favorite Disney films.  A generation have grown up watching ‘Mulan’ the Disney animation,and these familiar settings are dear to our hearts.  It is very different from the awesome Chinese New Year sets that are released annually.

I hope this idea can reach ‘Mulan’ fans everywhere as we approach its anniversary.  Please support this idea and share it with your friends and family.  Thank you for your time.

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