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Heavy Utility Truck


Thank you for viewing my creation!

Everyone has been in the situation where their vehicle needed to move large amounts of cargo is TOO SMALL.  Now however, the problem is no more!  With a bay floor area of 6x15 studs and a ceiling hight of 4 bricks and 1 tile (about 1 3/4 inches), this truck is MASSIVE!  I designed it to carry Star Wars troops and crates, but i have used it to haul go-karts, Speed Champions cars and so much more!  This truck is off road worthy too, with eight clip on wheels and a high ground clearance.  THIS SET CAN BE USED OR MADE TO GO WITH ANY THEME.  It could be anything from a troop transport to a catering truck, you name it! 


-Room for more than 10 minifigures

-Helmet rack (or other items)

-8 off-road worthy wheels and tires

-Detailed driver's cab that actualy looks like it is funtional

-8 stud wide design allows two minifigures to ride side-by-side  -   FINALY!!

-Cargo bay has a surface area of 6x15 studs

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