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Asylum Batmobile


Asylum Batmobile Version 1.4

​Hello everyone !

Just minor changes, thanks to the new "Silver metallic" and "Metallic" pieces ^^


Asylum Batmobile Version 1.3

Here a little update, I'm working on 6 studs large version, pretty hard to keep details.

This is just some changes in the interior and the headlights (finally some transparent grey, yeah batman works only in black... and some darky grey ^^)

Hope you enjoy ^^


Asylum Batmobile Version 1.2

This front piece still bugs me, I tried different things but... may I ask your opinions ?

Option number 1 :


Option number 2 :


Option number 3 :

Or... option number 4 (just a sticker... that feels like cheating...)


Asylum Batmobile Version 1.1

​I have changed the headlights but not really happy with it... I need some transparent grey ^^

Here is a size by size comparison with the 75910 Lego Porshe Spyder

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