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Treasure Cart


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One of Robin Hood's Merry Men enters the village ready to give out stolen treasure . . . since his cart looks to be carrying refreshment, he is able to smuggle the treasure in without being stopped by the Sheriff of Nottingham's men!

This project includes a horse-drawn cart featuring a barrel full of treasure, and two minifigures: One of Robin Hood's Merry Men to steer the cart, and a village blacksmith ready to gather up the treasure (as shown in the last image).

You can also see these pictures in better quality through Flickr:

Feel free to add any suggestions or questions in the comments if I missed anything.

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I feel that this would be a great Lego Ideas set since it compliments the Forestmen and Dark Forest lines, while including a rich back story, many different features, and the benefit of updated Lego pieces.

Feel free to support and share with others if you like this project and would love to see it as a set!


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