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King Ghidorah


Hello Lego Fans

My name is James and I love Lego.

This is one of my King Ghidorahs I have built, I am a Godzilla movie fan. This is one of my favorite monsters from the Godzilla movies.

This model stands about 18 inches tall and has about 900 pieces.

Features include :

Movable neck and heads 

Mouth opens and closes

Hinged wings

Hinged Tails

I could not find a Lego wing that would work, so I used Lego parts for the skeleton of the wing, then I found a gray plastic bag and cut it to the shape I needed. Lego makes cloth sails so "why not make a plastic wing" I said to myself.

Later I will upload one of my bigger King Ghidorahs that is motorized, Happy building

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