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Futurisma (Tower of Power)

This is one of my biggest and most epic LEGO creations to date.
Futurisma the building of future renewable sources

(story line) In the year 2105, an unknown forest has been found on earth that no one has ever been to before. Some workers started building there with advanced technology to build it. 
A mega structure that was later named “Futurisma”.
It’s the skyscraper of all possible renewable sources such as solar panels, wind power and even more ways to gain power, more than most people know…

So... to the details of this creation!

  • We start at the bottom. We have the ground which is the forest with much amount of moss and grass, then 2 types of trees with LEGO gears (darker green and green) and some water puddles. There's a small sensor station to control the weather around the tower (the long white pin) connected to the building.

  • The skyscraper itself has many rounded windows, as well as big squares and slim ones. The texture of the tower's outside is colored with light grey and silver bricks which males it look outstanding and shiny. You can also see these blue dot antennas, these are for communication to satellites in space.

  • On top of the building we can see there’s growth of important plants that’s being entirely being monitored by robotics. Then of course the large solar panel under the roof (shadows doesn’t matter, it still works!)

This creation is for expert builders, not any specific age either. (Maybe 10-18)
2139 pieces to be exact!
I believe it would be an majestic LEGO experience for anyone who would build it!
It also reflects the current situation in our society today, so that's why i build it as well.
Renewable sources! :)

This creation is inspired by futuristic buildings as you have seen in fiction, not any re-creation or a replica of any structure, only my own! Created by me in

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