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The Bamboo Island Taxi


Hey, its me again! I have another great set I just made on LDD, this one is the iconic classic car from my favorite show Gilligan's Island.  The car is called The Bamboo Taxi!

In this set, Gilligan can drive people around in the Bamboo Taxi, He can choose driving around Ginger, Mr. Howell or Mrs. Howell or any other minifigure from your Lego collections, it's your choice! Fans of the famous series will definitely want this cool island getaway car as a collector's piece or for just for fun in general.

Also in this set includes 4 mini-figures of Gilligan, Ginger, Mr. Howell and Mrs. Howell.

Please support this if you want to see this classic car from the 60s become an amazing Lego piece set to buy.

I'll be sending more Lego sets that I've made on LDD real soon on my page.

Thanks for reading!


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