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Marie Antoinette and the Petit Trianon


Marie Antoinette and the Petit Trianon

At the Palace of Versailles she was a bird in a richly gilded cage. Queen at 19 - as wife of Louis XVI of France – her dress, behaviour and her every move were the subject of minute and slavish scrutiny.

Yet there was one place where Marie Antoinette could escape the formality of court life and shake off the burden of her responsibilities. This was the Petit Trianon, an exquisite mini-château on the grounds of Versailles.


The Petit Trianon

The Petit Trianon is a celebrated example of the transition from the Rococo style to the more sober and refined Neoclassical style.

Constructed between 1762 and 1768, it was a gift by King Louis XVI, together with its surrounding park, to Marie Antoinette for her exclusive use and enjoyment.

Essentially an exercise on a cube, the Petit Trianon attracts interest by virtue of its four facades, each thoughtfully designed in accordance to the part of the estate it was facing. 


The idea behind this project is to create a series that focuses on HISTORY, combining a monument landmark and the Minifig of the most important historical figure behind it.

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This project is a collaborative work by ACE CROISSY and NEW BRICK CITY. This work has the latter’s explicit permission

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