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Optical Telegraph System Chappe [LDD]

Here is a fun and playable idea that involves at least two people, namely an optical telegraph system Chappe.

The optical telegraph was developed by Claude Chappe and was used for almost 100 years in France. The telegraph is based on the so-called semaphore telegraph.

When the network was largest, there were more than 5,400 km of telegraph lines and 540 relay stations. All lines where connected to Paris. System started in 1792 and there were between 8 and 30 km between each relay station.

The system is based on the fact that it is possible with the help of two arms, a beam and 6 positions of arms and beam to get 64 combination options and thus it is possible to send a message when it was defined that a certain combination of the two arms and the beam corresponded to a character, letter, digit or code.

The two arms and the beam are each controlled using a separate crank and chain drive.

A message is started by setting the two arms and beam to a 'start' code which is copied to the next telegraph tower. When the sender sees that the code is understood, they switch to the first letter/number code, which is then copied by the next telegraph tower. This continues until the entire message has been sent and therefore copied to the next telegraph station. It ends with a termination code.

When the 3rd telegraph tower sees that there is activity on the 2nd telegraph tower, the 3rd telegraph tower begins copying the signals from the 2nd telegraph tower. And so on...

After the invention of the electric telegraph, the optical telegraph went out of use.

There are two optical telegraph towers at 775 items each, including 7 minifigs and some animals. The operators have both a small binoculars.

The images are created in LDD, Lego Digital Designer, with the highest possible quality settings. All new tampon prints decorations are created in Microsoft PowerPoint and adapted to LDD standard size.

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