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Haunted Mansion Theme (Part 2)

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Welcome, foolish mortals, to the second part of the "Haunted Mansion Theme" idea page. Our tour begins here in this gallery where you see pictures of some of our guests as they appear in their current, deceased state. We hope you enjoy the familiar faces of the grim grinning ghosts and their spooky surroundings. And consider this dismaying observation: this page has no windows and no doors, which offers you this chilling challenge: to find a way out! Of course... there's always MY way!

The Conservatory: Average cost $20-$40
We find it delightfully unlivable here in this ghostly retreat. Every room has wall-to-wall creeps, and hot and cold running chills. Shhh, listen!
All our ghosts have been dying to meet you! This one can hardly contain himself!

The Stretching Gallery:
About $30-$50.
The set features hinges so two of the four sides of the set can make open and shut to make the set easier to play with.

The Seance Room:
About $10-$30
Includes Madame Leota, chair with raven perched on it, candles, and floating objects include the drum, trumpet, tambourine, and table with light.

The Endless Hallway: includes the hallway (approximately 20-40 doors), the candelabra, the knight, and the spooky sofa. Imagine if you will, not a wall of clear bricks but a huge mirror to make the effect that the hallway is longer.
About $50

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