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Seas the Day

A typical fishing trawler, with a sleek blue hull and a ribbon of red curving round the bottom of it, leading to the elegant rudder and golden propellor. A small white cabin with a red roof is on the deck, which has fishermen working on it, and crates of fish and lobster.

This model also features a functional and beautiful lower deck, with a bookcase, sink, bunk bed and table complete with playing cards, also with maps and documents dotted across the brown walls. It has two fishermen, who both fit in the bunkbeds and the cabin found above deck. This is a sleek and enjoyable build, and would look great on any shelf or table. I built this because I would really like to see a really detailed boat available, which people can enjoy and saviour building and admiring. I think the colour scheme is great and that the colours contrast each other pretty well. I think this would make a great set because it is so detailed, and looks very pleasing, and is great for both play and display. This model has 1453 pieces and I would say that it is suitable for ages 12+. I really hope that you like my creation. Thank you very much!

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