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Parisian Subway - MF 88


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The MF88 is a metro train that is not very well known by the public, since it runs on the 2nd least frequented line of the Parisian network: line 7bis, a former branch of line 7 that has become independent, connecting Louis Blanc station to Pré Saint-Gervais station, located in a loop. The MF88 is considered as the "ugly duckling" of the rolling stock because of its unreliability due to its steerable axles which degrade the track and which will not be used anymore on the following generations of metros. The MF88 is derived from the BOA prototype, itself derived from the MF77 and which allowed to test some innovations, like the intercirculation between the cars by bellows. I had the idea to build this train because it had never been reproduced in Lego. The set is composed of 1414 parts which include: a train with 3 boxes, as in reality, a platform and 5 figurines (4 passengers and a driver). Note that it is marked "Louis Blanc" on the panels but it is not a realistic reproduction of the station.

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