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Dodo's Hideaway

Hello to all Lego enthusiasts, nature lovers, and history buffs,

🦤 I present to you the Raphus cucullatus, commonly known as the "Dodo", surrounded by lush vegetation from the forests of Mauritius. The Dodo was native to the forests of Mauritius until the late 17th century, when it became extinct. It is now globally recognized as the most iconic symbol of species extinction due to human activities. The vegetation has been carefully chosen to represent the environment of the Dodo's historic hideaway, including a Trochetia Boutoniana flower, which can also represent a hibiscus flower from Mauritius; a frangipani flower from the island; and a mushroom: the Amanita of the Caesars, renowned on the island for its beauty. With imagination, one can even envision the croton.

🌺The idea came to me a few months ago while I was taking short courses in biodiversity at the University of Oxford and completing a certificate with Yale University on conservation and restoration of the tropical forest landscape. I thought it would be fantastic to have a small set featuring a Dodo to educate about species extinction, and the fact that a French systemic designer in biodiversity created an extinct animal in plastic is bound to make waves. This affordable set will certainly work well after a few improvements by Lego designers. The Dodo is beloved by children worldwide, it captivates environmental specialists, teachers, and history enthusiasts. It would be an exceptional idea to combine education, affordability, environmental awareness, and Lego. A set of this kind could be sold in most natural history museums around the world, its simplicity would keep the price low, and millions of tourists could purchase it everywhere, leading museums to order large quantities and make a profit from the product.

👨‍🦯The original idea was to include braille bricks to make this set inclusive. The name Dodo is known in all languages, including braille, so it would be ideal to include this feature in the set.

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