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Happy Days Arnold's Drive-In

Who wants to go back to the magical years of rock'n'roll, Jazz, Swing, Country and Blues? Who wants to go back to the nights when the only question was, "Where do you go dancing?". Who wants to go back to the unforgettable '50s? 
Or maybe you, like me, were not yet born in those years? In this case then surely you grew up with this fantastic television series that captured you even with just the opening theme song.
The series:
Happy Days is an American television situation comedy set in Milwaukee and tells the daily events of the Cunningham family. The model of the American Way of Life is presented in its most positive aspects, in the countless adventures of Richie, Potsie, Ralph, the leader of the group Fonzie, the Cunningham family and all the others.

The Set:
It's a representation of the famous and iconic drive-in bar plus nine minifigures
In the TV series Happy Days, Fonzie and his friends spent much of their time at Arnold's. This was where they met, where romance was born, and always here was the infamous jukebox that Fonzie would hit to start the music.
There is the parking lot, on which stands proudly the iconic name of the place: "Arnold's" and even more above the large sign and rotating light: "A", always in the parking lot there are: up to 4 parking spaces including one for the motorcycle of Fonzie, the banquet outside for those who want to order without having to enter and there are various signs and neon signs also visible in the TV series.
Immediately behind the banquet there is a window overlooking the kitchen where we can find Alfred intent on cooking hot dogs.
We enter through the right side where there is the entrance door to a small hallway with shelves on which there are tickets for events / parties and a table made from the front of an old classic red car.
We pass through another door and begin to smell the magic scent of Arnold's hamburgers (on the wall is posted the menu of the drive-in), we decide to take a table, the room is right there turned the corner; here we find most of the protagonists of the series starting from Howard followed by his wife Marion, sitting at one of the tables there are Richie and Potsie intent to eat an ice cream and at the end of the room, near the door to the bathrooms there is Fonzie, who is starting the jukebox with his "magic fist", and Ralph who looks at him stunned and at a table near Chuck who quenches his thirst with a can.
Next to the jukebox there is a door that leads to the bathrooms: female on the left and male on the right, here there are sinks, toilets and obviously in the men's room there is a telephone since, as we all know, Fonzie uses the Arnorld's bathroom as his personal office and a radiator ... ah, I almost forgot, in the bathroom there is also Fonzie's comb hidden.
Following the long corridor and passing in front of the kitchen we get to a small ballroom with a pianola and a microphone, here we can find the last of the characters of this set: Joanie.
so what are we waiting for? Let's bring back among us a piece of our childhood / adolescence with this set "Happy Days". 

The total number of characters in the set is nine:
- Fonzie (with extra head with sunglasses)
- Howard
- Marion
- Joanie 
- Ralph
- Charles aka "Chuck" 
- Richard aka "Richie" 
- Warren aka "Potsie"
- Alfred

Width: 48 stud
Length: 55 stud

I hope you liked my idea and in case you decide to support it thank you very much.
 Have a great day and remember, "You have five things in life: you have Life, Death, Marriage, Graduation and...Heeey!" 

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