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General Contractor’s Work Van

You see all different types of work vans driving around town most every day. Whether it be a delivery van or a plumber, work vans are a very important part of our world today.

Meet Tom, the general contractor. He specializes in new builds, remodels and anything in between. No job is too small!
He carries all the essential tools in his work van from his wrench to his trusty air nailer and compressor.

When dawn breaks, Tom is out the door with coffee in hand to start his work day!

Growing up in the construction trades, I love building construction related vehicles and equipment. I generally build heavy equipment and trucks such as dozers, excavators and dump trucks. I chose to go a different route this time and build something related to the building trades.

I think Tom and his van would make a great addition to the City line-up. We have all the heavy equipment and trucks we could ask for to build roads and demolish buildings but who is going to build the buildings? Tom is the man for the job!

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