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Modular House


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Home Sweet Home

This impressive two story house is detailed inside and out. It was built to resemble an old historic downtown building, remodeled into a house. 

The spacious two-story living room provides a grand entrance. A large rug centered in the middle of the hardwood floor is placed so that its height is half a plate taller than the floor, making it seem like a bunch of really thin bricks. A large table sets on the rug and is completely smooth except for a couple places to put objects, such as a lamp, newspaper, or flowerpot. A sofa and armchair give you a nice spot to take a break and a clock on the wall will help you keep track of time. There are also some shelves to put some stuff.

The dining room has two chairs and a table in front of a big window. The kitchen is fully furnished with a refrigerator, a microwave, an oven, a toaster, and a sink, plus plenty of counter space and storage. There is also a pantry under the stairs for even more storage. 

The bedroom and bathroom can be found upstairs. A shower and toilet with a big mirror furnish the small bathroom. For easy access, part of the wall can be easily removed.

Big glass doors in the bedroom open up to the balcony outside with an awning. Another balcony inside looks over the living room. A ceiling fan can be moved either over the living room or the bedroom to circulate the air. Or use the ladder to go to the roof, although there's nothing much on the roof.  A sunlight over the living room and a table with an umbrella is everything up there.

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