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Apple Store


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Welcome to the Apple Store at Stud Street!

Cool features you will find in this mini-fig scale two-floor Apple Store:

- Modular Building style.

- Trans-clear panels facade.

- Apple Logo in the main facade and in the back wall.

- Vintage Apple Logo colors (rainbow) as part of the back wall.

- Trans-clear bricks stairs.

- First floor includes display tables with iPhone, iPod, Mac Computers, iPad and Cashier Checkout

- Second floor (Mezzanine) is removable and includes  a display table with Apple Watch and a small Audio and Video Room (4 seats) featuring Apple TV. 

- I have used generic mini-figs for this project but for an official set it would include 5 mini-figs (1 female cashier, 1 salesman and 3 customers)  






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