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Home Convenience Store


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Hi this is my new idea called H Convenience Store. This idea has a total of 902 Lego bricks and pieces. 
I first built the outside that has the 4 gas pumps,  two store employees, 3 gas tank circles and covers, gas sign/diesel sign, gas price/diesel price, diesel pump, air hose station, air vacuum, a  ice block freezer, 2 flower beds, 6 different colored trash bins, American flag pole and flag,  windshield wash basins and red squeegee,  purple bicycle, blue store sign, white rectangular sign that says H in yellow letters, 3 different colored security cameras. 
Next I built the H Convenience Store that has a cashier's desk, dark gray safe, clock,  public restroom, with toilet sink, hand soap pump, water faucet, Soft serve Ice Cream machine, ATM, jam shelf and jams, pizza freezer, hot dog steamer,  mayo, mustard, ketchup, relish, and a milk jug freezer.
I built this idea because I wanted the ice block cooler, diesel pump, air hose station and vacuum machine station. I think that this is cooler than the gas station. I believe this would be hours of fun for everyone and it would be a great collection to any of the gas station sets that Lego makes. Thanks for your time and have a Great Day!

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