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The Making Of The Dark Knight: The Batpod

Many of the Batman sets on LEGO Cuusoo are based off of vehicles or scenes from the movies. I have gone a step further by making the MAKING of the scene. This set consist of four minifigures, all based off of actual people who helped to make the movie. Christopher Nolan, the director, Nathan Crowely, the production designer, George Cottle, the driver, and Jean Pierre Goy, the Batpod Stunt-rider. The set takes place when "Batman" is riding through alleyways to intercept the Joker's semi-trailer, and features a flick-down wall and an "exploding" garbage bin. Please support and comment.

Jean Pierre Goy on the Batpod.
Fun Fact: Until Anne Hathaway's stunt rider arrived for the Dark Knight Rises, Goy was the only crew member who could ride the Batpod without any accidents (with one exception).

George Cottle and the Maximum Arm.
Fun Fact: George Cottle was the stunt driver for the Tumbler for the Dark Knight Trilogy.
The Maximum Arm was a special camera prop that was mainly use to film any chase scenes in the movies.

The alleyway movie set. The wall can be flicked down to make way for the Batpod, and the garbage bin also has a flick-function to make the explosion effect.

From left to right: George Cottle, Christopher Nolan, Nathan Crowely, Jean Pierre Goy.
Fun Fact: Chris Nolan is the director of other movies like Memento, The Prestige, and Inception. His new movie Intersteller will come out in 2014.
Nathan Crowely was responsible for the making of the Tumbler, the Batpod, and other vehicles in the Trilogy.

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