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The Drake's Head Inn

Not all castle buildings are for defense, and the Drake's Head Inn is a shining example of this! Add this lavish Inn to your medieval town setup so that your knights can stop by for a drink and a hearty meal and take a break from questing and saving the Kingdom! With lots of advanced-level building techniques, a unique setup and a lavish interior, this Inn can easily become the centerpiece of your medieval town!

This building appears in a short story; for more pictures check out the link below.

The Inn features advanced building techniques in roof design, masonry, stucco, timber building, stained glass, vegetation and more!

Interior Idea: One of several rooms from the interior. This one features interior decoration ideas, a bed design and a mosaic carpet.

Interior Idea: The pub features numerous food accessories as well as shelves for glassware, furniture, and the inn's namesake; "The Drake's Head" (In this case represented by a raptor head)

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