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Silverback Yeti


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This set was made for both display, and for play. It was created with many joint pieces, making the arms, legs, head, and tail all pose-able. This ability makes the set easy to pose, and fun to play with! Additionally, the hands, feet, and fingers are all pose-able too, enabling the silvery beast to grab and throw anything that stands in its way!

I created this legendary beast to be perfect for any setting, battle, or setup. With its giant claws and razor-sharp teeth, it can desolate any LEGO city, town, or village. It has harry, yet spiny skin, which protects it from any opposing foe. Its frightening appearance can strike terror in any LEGO minifigure, both civilian and hero alike. Do your LEGO heroes have what it takes to challenge the best? 

Set Includes:

1) A Completely Pose-able Silverback Yeti.

NOTE: I created this set to also have the possibility to include different colors of yetis. That is the reason for the greenish one in the images above.( Also to let LEGO choose what color they want the yeti to be.)

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