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Canal Modular Buildings


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Here are my Amsterdam and Venice Canal Modular Buildings. The partcount is half (1000 in stead of 2000) of regular Modulars. You lose the massive ugly side walls and the unused floorspace. They do not fit together with the regular Lego modulars in a traditional way, because the Amsterdam and Venice modulars feature a canal. You can click them together, yet the canal will end up in the side of the building. It looks a lot better if you place them next to a corner set, then the pavement runs neatly around the canal.


The set consists of three typical Amsterdam canal houses, with three different gables. On the left a step gable, in the middle a point gable and on the right a neck gable. The middle house is a typical warehouse, with big doors on each level. In modern days many of these warehouses are converted to living area's. The house on the right has the well know basement apartment and top apartment.

The businesses in the houses are a flower shop (because the dutch are well know for their flowers), in the middle a Dutch cheese shop (above it the cheese factory) and on the right the office of a ship designer (with actual mini ships). 

On the second and third floor is the house of grandpa and the houses of a DJ (for which holland is also famous. In the canal there is a typical Amsterdam tour boat with captain.

The main feature of this modular is the game: if you press various items (such as the flagpole) a mouse pops out in the rear. You can play the game "catch the mouse". There are six drawers out of which mice in various colours appear. The brick count is 1900 parts.


The Venice modular features three typical Venitian buildings, with the famous Rialto bridge. There is even another famous Venitian landmark in the building, can you find it? The buildings have an Italian pizza place, a Ferrari Store and an Icecream store. Above the store lives an architect and a guitarist. 

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