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Working Mechanical Scale

This scale actually works! When you put something on the top, the arm spins and tells you how much it weighs. This took a long time to make it work, and I'm super excited to finally submit it to LEGO Ideas. Although not perfectly accurate, this model goes to show just what you can make with LEGO bricks!
I built and rendered this on
  • The model is made up of precisely 500 pieces.
  • The build uses shock absorbers to spring back up.
  • It is based on a vintage scale I have at my house from the 1800s

I believe this would be a great addition to the LEGO Ideas series because of its functionality. I think people would love to have a LEGO set that works.

Many of the current LEGO Ideas sets are huge or unaffordable. This creation, being 500 pieces, is way more affordable, and I would love to see some cheaper LEGO Ideas sets in the future.

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