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Felice in Legoland

It was just a couple of gearwheels lying around on the floor which kickstarted this idea.

From there, it simply happened: I took whatever pieces I could find and the vehicle grew and grew organically. It all followed the vision "Why not create a model that seems to come from another world, which includes classic design aspects (black and white checkered theme) and at the same time gives insight to basic technical connections?" The result is this miracle bag of a vehicle that appears only in your dreams and which is far off every model that LEGO ever produced.

The vehicle already looks fancy when it is just standing in front of you. But when you start to move it, when you drive it around, the real spectacle starts and suddenly everything begins to move and turn around. Have a look yourself:

This model is a lot of fun for kids to assemble and to play with. The vehicle including the moving parts can be decorated individually and the crazyness can be constantly extended. It triggers the fantasy & creativity of the kids and invites them to a journey into the unknown. But at the same time, this model is also attractive for adults by being a design object which looks great on your bookshelf or helps to support stories of the good old and wild times.

It's crazy, it's wild and it clearly demonstrates a new vision to combine dreams, design and technics in one same model!

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