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Carl’s House From Disney Pixar’s Up

This project is a collaboration with my son, FanaticalPiano087 (
We love this movie and wanted to feature the Up House in our Lego city in between two high-rise buildings. We hope this becomes a set because we know how much people love the movie and we wanted to create the house with as much detail as possible. We had to create a hidden double wall system so that the colors on each side of the house end uniformly. The house is modular and to scale. It features a full living room with chairs, fireplace and the helm, and a full kitchen with a table and chairs. You can also see the savings jar. Upstairs, there is a master bedroom, the nursery and a bathroom. The roof is sectioned to come apart that’s shows a scene from the movie, a secret hideaway for Carl and Ellie as kids during the balloon scene. The house even lifts up and begins to float away!

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