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Mini L.M.S. Explorer


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Dear Rock Raider fan and every other person, who wants to become one:
This project could be very interesting for you. Why? Well, here is a short explanation:

Some of you may remember the LMS Explorer from the Lego Rock Raiders Intro and think:
"I wish, that there was a set of the ship" (because there was never a set of this ship)

Well, a 1:1 version would be too big and too expensive as a real model for apparent reasons, but there is a solution to this problem: -choosing another scale-

Therefore I built several versions with different scales, because I don't know, which one would have the highest potential to become a real set. Maybe you can tell me per comment, which one you would like to buy as a possible set in the future:
1:8 scale version: lots of details, ~5000 bricks
1:16 scale version: medium amount of details, ~1200 bricks
1:32 scale version: few details, ~210 bricks

I was never really sure, if I should upload it, because of several reasons (a.k.a. price vs. details etc.), but one day I thought: I give it a try. Let's see, if there will be enough fans, who support a scaled down collectors version of this ship.

picture description:
Head image: 1:8 scale L.M.S. Explorer
picture 1: 1:16 scale L.M.S. Explorer
picture 2: 1:32 scale L.M.S. Explorer
picture 3: another picture of the 1:8 scale L.M.S. Explorer

And now... ....INTO SPACE! :

I've uploaded more pictures of the different versions, too:
1:8 LMS Explorer model on RRU, MOCPAGES and flickr

1:16 LMS Explorer model on RRU, MOCPAGES and flickr

1:32 LMS Explorer model on RRU, MOCPAGES

Some of you may be also interested in seeing my 1:1 scale model of the LMS Explorer:
1:1 scale LMS Explorer on RRU

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