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Research Base On Mars


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Hello and welcome to my idea. Play the video to see the whole thing. Let’s begin with the explanation:

We have two satellites, camera and door with technic opening in front.
Next, the back mini field for research stones. And now see the whole building inside:

What you see? Left room is three parts:
  • Equipment
  • Research
  • Fixing Place

The equipment is vehicle, drone, robot, detector, walkie-talkie, helmets with oxygen.
The researchers have a table with glass and stone who can spin. One box with stone.
Fixing have torch, instruments and special person for that, computers and cup.
The right room has a big screen, two computers and scoreboard also cups for each spaceman. The new thing here is a table with pizza and two boxes with stones one of them with technic function.

You can see all futures in the video:

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