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SAM the Mobile Crane


SAM is a AI controlled crane that helps out the expedition team to transport various equipment and containers in the main base.

It is also joining in the expedition team on very difficult terrain to help out with transport of equipment.
The Crane is fully functional and can support even more weight then the container found in the pictures. The crane front white knob controls the crane winch and the knob in the back controls the arm of the crane. The arm can extend.

SAM has a sophisticated jointing system allowing it to move its wheels in multiple positions and even use the wheels as legs if wheels have no where to turn anymore.

SAM can't move it's crane 360dgrs like a classic fixed crane, in order to rotate the wheels jointing system positions the wheels in such a form that it turns 360dgrs in place.

I hope you like SAM and his ability to help out the Expedition Team.

I built SAM with the idea of being used in a futuristic theme or even as a high tech equipment in Lego City.

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