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Bob’s Ocean Sports


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The ocean sports store has a main building with one level and basement. In the basement there are refills for the store above, old newspapers and treasure maps, plus a trophy. Upstairs the store is divided into three different areas, a swimming area, a fishing area, and a boating area. In the swimming area, there are snorkels, a scuba diving set, a wetsuit, a surfboard, some inner tubes, and fins. In the fishing area, there are hats, fishing lines, spearguns, bait, fishing hooks, and of course fishing rods. In the boating area, there are live vests, life savings rings, anchors, walkie talkies, oars, tools, and steering wheels for the helm. On the roof there is an AC unit. 

Outside there is a yacht, a jet ski, a dingy, a canoe, two speed boats, and a sailboat. The cars feature two sports cars and one dune buggy. There three motorcycles. Customers can rent or buy any of the boats. 

At the entrance there is a small building for security and information to help customers. 

The build includes twelve minifgures.


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