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The Brewmaster's Retreat


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Introducing The Brewmaster's Retreat! In an abandoned viking hall, the brewmaster and his apprentice have discovered the perfect place to seek refuge and practice their craft. This hidden location suits them well and after a few modifications, it's turned into the perfect hideout complete with everything they need- spell books, storage shelves, and more! The overgrown hearth even provides rare ingredients (with the help of a little magic) while the brewmaster's apprentice ventures out to collect items in the surrounding world. Set features:

- 2 minifigures- The brewmaster and his apprentice

- A bookshelf lined with spell books, recipes, and other rare items

- A potion cabinet with numerous potions, that can be opened and locked when closed. Keeps the most potent potions stowed away!

- Storage shelf includes some of the most unique resources in all the land!

- Overgrown hearth provides a source of rare ingredients needed to brew potions

- A vast array of rare and hard to find elements are included in this set

- Set is easily modified to fit modular building displays and integrates well with the Fantasy/Castle theme!


Note from creator: I designed this set with display, scale, and playability in mind. I wanted it to function as both a display piece/vignette as well as a set that could be played with. I believe Lego fans of all ages and gender can enjoy this set, and would make a great addition to any Lego collection!


Let's brew up some support for The Brewmaster's Retreat!

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