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Rock Museum


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Hi Everyone, this is my new idea called Rock Museum. This idea comes with green grass, cement foundation, yellow building, on the inside you have wooden floors, two desk tops, two chairs, a security guard, a telephone, a handcuff, a anti theft alert system with red lights by the door, three cupboards, a blue one, yellow, green, 6 clear blue glass cases, a green gem stone, red gem stone, a yellow gem stone, a camera, a security camera on the outside. You also have a flag pole with flag. a Mailbox stand and mailbox. the word museum spelled out in the front enterance. I built this idea because i would like to see a museum using glass cases, and because this idea would be great for any of the other Lego sets. I hope you will help me by supporting this idea of mine and i am always happy to have comments left on this website about this idea. I hope you have a great day and thanks again for supporting me. Your builder and lego fan Treetop2017!

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