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Steam Pirates: Gold Tooth's mech


The Steam Pirates are finally here and Gold Tooth's mech is ready to stomp out in the lego world. With him comes a pirates barricade, pirate Hank with his shell gun. However the Imperial British soldiers want to stop this rampage of pirates. They have assigned Sergeant Wallis and two men to battle the steam pirates.

I think that my lego set will be a great contribution to the lego world. This is because many people want the pirate and a new Steampunk theme to be added to lego products. When the 'LEGO movie' was released and fans of these two themes saw 'MetalBeard's Sea Cow' these fans got excited. That made me want to create a set that is around the same theme as 'MetalBeards's Sea Cow'. If I had the pieces to create a better mech with stronger parts I would've. If the Lego group want to change the pieces that support the set so it is more playable, please be my guest. 

This set includes:

  • battle mech
  • Gold Tooth
  • Hank
  • pirate barricade
  • 2 imperial soldiers
  • Sergeant Wallis

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