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Vintage Record Player

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What is it?
Before you is a vintage record player (otherwise known as a gramophone!) that I have built out of LEGO.
It features:
  • 3 vinyl records that can be swapped between one another
  • A poseable needle
  • A removable lid to view the interior
  • A removable horn for easy storage/transportation
  • A handle that, when rotated, spins the record on top
It also has some vintage ornaments on each side of the box, which I believe turned out amazing. There is a 1 x 4 printed panel, this print which I have designed is not my interpretation of what I think the finished print should look like, but a concept design.

Why did you build it? I have always loved LEGO. I got my first set when I was maybe 3 years old, and been obsessed since. In this last year or two, I haven't been into LEGO as much as I was before. Very recently however, in this last month, I have been obsessed. I then remembered about Ideas, where anyone can upload their own LEGO set and have the chance for it to become a real set. I knew how hard this would be, but decided to take the challenge. And thus, after ~25 hours of collective work, I present to you the LEGO Gramophone.

Why do you believe this would make a great LEGO set?
I believe this would make for an amazing display piece, especially for people who have a real gramophone. It could also make for a great conversation starter for if you have visitors over. This may serve as a great gift for any grandparents or elderly folks who are into LEGO! The build experience would be phenomenal because of all of the intricate building techniques used to get the right shapes and angles, especially seen in the horn.

The images:
  1. The gramophone with the handle spinning
  2. Still image of the GIF
  3. Gramophone from the front
  4. Side view of the horn
  5. Close up of the needle
  6. Front of the box
  7. Right of the box
  8. Back of the box
  9. Left of the box
  10. The interior mechanism for spinning the record
  11. The horn with half the panels removed and the interior tiles removed (only demonstrating how it's built)
  12. One "flap" of the corn with the interior tiles removed
  13. Small model of an elderly woman listening to a gramophone

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