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Lego Brawl Stars the Final Duel


Welcome to the world of Brawl Stars. 


My name is Brickmax, and I am the creator of this Lego set idea


This is a replica of the desert map in Bwral Stars with the four well-known brawlers: Colt, Barley, Dynamike and 8-Bit. The map is fully detailed, with all the details that you can also find in the game, such as a small pond, the cactuses and also the walls and grasses where you can hide yourself behind. But be aware, the zone is quickly getting closer.


Included in the set:

- 4 Minifigures

- Desert Map

- Figures Display Stand 

- 1862 parts


Play through the epic final between the two teams and decide which team should be the winner.


If you like this set idee, I would be very grateful for your support, so that with a bit of luck this idea could become a real Lego set. 


Thanks for your support!

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