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Escape from the Lost Tribe

Jane a photographer and Tim the cameraman accompanied with Jack, their jungle leader went deep into the jungle to find the legendary Lost Tribe.  Unfortunately the photographers have been captured by some tribal warriors. They almost gave up all their hopes, but luckily, their leader Jack is brave enough to escape them at night, meanwhile the warriors are having meal.

The set includes:
- A huge two faced symmetrical multicolor tribal statue with four torches.
- A four faced multicolor totem with two ropes.
- Two photographers, both of them with a happy and a frightened face, depending on their actual situation.
- Their equipment, a movie camera and a camera with telescopic lence. 
- The jungle leader with his knife.
- Three tribal warriors, all of them with painted face.
- Two spears (a golden and a silver one) a shield and a tomahawk.
- A wooden made cauldron with three dishes and a camp fire.

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