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A couple of years ago I watched Invader Zim on Netflix. With the release of the new Lego Brickheadz I got the idea to build a LEGO GIR. Sadly LEGO makes no balls in the colour that I needed for GIR's joints. Not letting that stop me, I decided to build GIR duty mode.

GIR is Zim's robot assistant given to him by the tallest to aid him in his banishment (mission) to conquer Earth. GIR is a small malfunctioning robot that usually causes more harm than help. When Zim tried to make GIR permanently fixed GIR decided that his master was "stupid," his meathods were stupid, and his progress was stupid and tries to terminate him. Without knowing it GIR was keeping Zim safe the whole time.

So if you aren't "stupid" and are brave enough to vote for this adorable robot bent on world domination, VOTE FOR GIR!!!


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