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Lego Business Jet

This is a lego business jet. I built it because it is beautiful, it only takes an hour to build, and has achieved incredible detail with only around 100 bricks.

Like most t-tail planes, it has a door that does not open to the side, but folds down as a built in air stairs. That way, it does not require a boarding tube to access the plane. It also has a moveable tail to adjust the angle of the plane. That is a function that may be used in aviation of the future. It also has transparent 1x1 dots on each wing and the fuselage that are red and green like every real plane. The model also includes an exclusive display stand. It is easy to remove the model from the stand to play with it. The model size gives you a good grip on the plane.

If you all want this prototype to become a real set, please support it and let me know what you think about this model.

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