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Classic London Bus


This project was based off of a 1958 Routemaster double decker bus from London. I know it doesn't look that good however I don't have all of the pieces to make this project so I had to use LDD(Lego Digital Designer) and I am only 13. I will update this often based on comments if enough people support it. Please leave your suggestions in the comments and please don't be rude I might not get to everyone's but I will do my best.

The design itself has 588 pieces including the minifigures all of the tiles that have designs are printed.Its got 27 seats (28 if you include the driver). It also has removable floors and roof for you to play inside and its entirely made by me.

Anyway thank you so much for reading this and if you want this to become a future lego set then please support it.   :)

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