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Blue Whale

The beautiful, graceful blue whale, the largest animal to have ever lived on the planet, growing to a staggering 120 ft in Length. This goliath, peaceful giant feeds exclusively on krill, a minute organism that fills the ocean in trillions. To give you an idea of how large this animal is, when fully grown, the veins that carry blood around it's body are wide enough for an adult human to swim down. It's heart is as large as a Mini (car). Fascinating, the blue whale can dive up to 1600 feet, they cruise at speeds of 14 mph, and reach speeds of 30 mph

Unfortunately, due to varying factors such as hunting, pollution, and climate change, this beautiful mammal is endangered, terrible as it has been treated the decline in the blue whales numbers is solely due to human intervention.

The blue whale is a truly amazing animal and king of the ocean, intelligent, compassionate, and, ever since I was a child, this mysterious mammal has astounded me, often reading as much as I could about them

This idea consists of 657 LEGO pieces and a unique arm design to create the jaw. I thoroughly enjoyed the this process of using LDD. 
Included in this idea is a plaque with information about this magnificent creature. 

Please vote for my idea, I hope you like it. 


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