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Star Wars Trench Run


Star Wars Lego is awesome. Almost everyone likes it. So have you every wanted a nicely built display model that reflects one of the key moments in Star Wars. Well if you have please support my Lego ideas Trench Run model and share the idea with your family and friends.

This display model portrays the part in Star Wars a New Hope when the Rebel Alliance attacks the Death Star in the attempt to blow it up by dropping two torpedoes down a thermal exhaust port. The x-wings have to fly through a trench (hence the name Trench Run) to try and drop torpedoes down the exhaust port while being under heavy pursuit by Imperial Tie fighters and having the risk of being blown to pieces by tubolasers. 

This set includes:

.A trench.

.Two midi-scale T-65 x-wings with stands.

.Two midi-scale turbolasers with two lasers.

If you believe this Star Wars Trench Run should become a Lego ideas set please support and share with your family and friends. Feedback is appreciated.