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Allosaurus Dig


Ever dreamt of excavating a giant dinosaur fossil? Well, you don’t need a PhD in palaeontology to do that. Just build this set and the fun begins.

With this set, you have the chance to explore a complete Lego Allosaurus fossil embedded in brown limestone. Able to hurl its upper jaws like an axe at its prey, the Jurassic predator Allosaurus would have been a terrifying sight.

To work, you´ll need a lot of tools which are provided by the set together with a large bucket with plaster, which is necessary to strengthen fragile fossil parts. Now, as many big dinosaur fossils like this are often located in desert-like environments, shade is needed to work efficiently. This is provided in the form of a tent with a small working table.

All together the set should serve well with regard to three possible aspects. It can be displayed, or played with, and on top of that, it has educational potential. For example, people would learn that the amazing dinosaur world offers many more breath-taking creatures than just Tyrannosaurus Rex, which was an important reason for me to build it.

Hope you like and support it.

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