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Car Dealership



Have you always wanted a Lego Car Dealership? The Lego City Car Dealership comes with 5 cars, 4 minifigures, and a black Dealership. Each car has a different, but appealing design. The dealership stand out with its elegant design. The dealership has no roof, making it easier for people to reach in, and play with the set. It also has an open spot for the showroom, and a desk. 



  • 1 Black SUV
  • 1 Blue Sedan
  • 1 White Sedan
  • 1 Blue Sports Car
  • 1 Orange Hatchback


  • 2 Men
  • 1 Salesman
  • 1 Saleswoman


  • Very easy build


I always wanted a Lego car dealership, so I made this building, and realized that it might be cool if I could make this a Lego City set. I found out that you can post your Lego ideas, so I took some of my cars, and minifigs, and put them together for this project.

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