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Medieval Lighthouse (Revolving & Illuminated)


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>>10,000 supporters can make this idea a real set! If this project does well, I plan to make many more medieval builds in the future! Supporting is free so please support!<<
Hi everyone! This is my newest project, the Medieval Lighthouse. The lighthouse has 2230 pieces and includes three minifigures. For this project, I experimented with landscape beauty and focused on the exterior of the house.
On the outside of the house, a dock leads to a pathway. As you move down the path there is a target for archery practice and a water well. Upon arriving at the fork in the path, you can go towards the house or up a rocky hill.
To see inside the house, you can slide the island open using the hinge. The hinge separates the house and the lighthouse tower. In the house, there are some common medieval accessories including a bookshelf, a furnace, and a medieval-looking bed.
For this set, I created a mechanism that connects the crank with the light inside the lighthouse. By turning the crank, the light will revolve and light up. I was able to do this because of the way the Lego light piece is made. If you slide a brick behind the light, it will turn on.
Thank you and I appreciate your support!

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