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Archie Comics- Pop's Chock'lit Shoppe


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Pop's Chock'lit Shoppe
Also Known As Pops Diner from Archie Comics.This set includes Archie ,Betty Veronica ,Reggie ,Jughead ,Pops and a build of Pops chock'lit shoppe. Please support my project if you would like a Archie Lego set, Even if we only get to 100 supporters I will be happy.

The designs of the characters are mostly based off of the newer 2015+ comics (apart from Reggie who is based off of the original comics), Most of the figs would have mostly normal printing apart from Jughead who has extra printing on his hat/hair piece to indicate his whoopee cap (and pins on his whoopee cap) . I made this set because of my interest for the Archie Comics and so i decided to build its set. I believe this would make a good set because the license family friendly like alot of Lego themes.

Built using LDD and rendered using Mechabricks

Thank you for reading and supporting

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