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Agent Adventures: Spy Drill Ambush


This is the first Lego set of my Lego series that I want to become true: Lego Agent Adventures. It's made with ldd because I don't have many Lego sets. Anyway I'm just 13 years old. Hope you like it.

Lego set description:

Red alert! Evil millionaire Borg found Crysal-ok and he is going to use it for his evil plans. Save the day with the Spy Drill. Use Spy Drill's laser missiles to defeat Borg. The Spy Drill includes a variety of missiles and if you run out of ammo you can use the the hiden ammo in the lights and the gun behind Agent A's chair. Use Borg's catapult to destroy th agents. Including 3 figures with accessories: Agent A, Agent B and Cy-Borg.

I hope you like it! If you want more agent adventures don't forget to follow me. Secret fact: the next Agent Adventure includes a helicopter.

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