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Dutch Bascule Bridge

My Lego set represents a typical Dutch bascule bridge. In the Netherlands you can find bridges like that in the cities as well as in the countryside, where they were built to cross the canals.

Since I was in Amsterdam a few years ago, I've been fascinated by this type of bridge, so I was thinking about how to turn this delicate design into a stable as well as functional Lego model. I tried to incorporate as many details as possible into my design, including the two bricked parts of the bridge and the black metal fittings on the fine wooden construction.

I'm sure that my bridge model would make such a nice addition to the Lego city of so many Lego city builders. But it is also meant to be a diorama that adds to your collection. You can also use it as a beautiful shelf decor and I think it could also be a nice souvenir from your recent Holland vacation.
Needless to say, I hope that my design will find many supporters and that my idea will inspire many other Lego hobby designers to submit their own creations in this forum.

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