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Classic Ford Bronco

This is a replica of a Classic 70's Ford Bronco. It is full of accurate details and would make a great addition to any Classic Car Collection. Rolling tires and steering system allow you to cruse in style. Both doors open for interior access, along with tailgate and back hatch. Opening the hood (complete with prop stick), allows you to see the V8 gasoline engine. Inside, you will find details such as the door latches, window cranks, detailed dashboard, detachable rear bench seat, and more. The passenger-side seat can fold over twice to allow rear access. During better weather, you can detach the hard top for open air off-roading.

Needed stickers: “Bronco”(left), “Bronco”(right), “FORD”(front), “FORD”(back), and license plate (2x)

I built the fenders after selecting the wheels. I tried arches, but decided to use slopes because I could create a more realistic shape. The fenders were attached to a simplified chassis with the steering system already in place. I built the doors and dashboard to add later. It was a challenge to attach the headlights to the front grill, but it was eventually accomplished with 2x2 coupling plates and axle connectors. Then the sides started to come up. I added the doors and dashboard, did the interior details, and finished the base. Next was the hard top. Then I revised the tailgate, made a few modifications, and was finished.

Some of the pieces used in the bumpers, mirrors, windshield wipers, lights, dashboard, hubcaps, door handles, window cranks, trim, and window frames have a chrome finish. The gas caps and front grill have a metallic finish. This was done for appearance and could be replaced with medium stone gray (194).

I realized that a swinging spare tire rack would be too complex. The early Broncos had the spare tire bolted to the inside of the tailgate, so you could always place one behind the bench seat.

Other colors can replace the orange shown. Some that might work well are black (26), bright red (21), reddish brown (192), dark green (38), and earth blue (140).

According to LDD, 837 LEGO bricks were used to create this model.

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