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Vintage Cadbury Shop


Step inside this shop and step back in time to a magical world of chocolate. This build captures the wonderful scene that is the traditional chocolate shop. 

The interior walls of the shop are a delicious cream colour with Cadbury coloured bunting hung on them. Two display stands are filled with chocolate treats, one Fry’s (5 centre) complete with poster and the other in the shape of a giant Bournville bar. 

The exterior of the shop features; two large bay windows, brick detailing and in classic Cadbury fashion, rich purple signage and a glass and a half full of milk outside the front step. Parked next to the shop is a functioning vintage delivery truck.

I think this would make a great set because, Cadbury is one of the world’s best loved brands, who doesn’t love chocolate? The set has around 530 pieces (of LEGO not chocolate).

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