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Egyptian Artifact Scanner


Ancient Egypt, the home of the Great Pyramids of Giza and the mighty Pharaohs who once lied buried within them. 

I was inspired to make this model as I have an extremely keen interest on Egyptian history and believe a model with a bit of excitement but a historical and scientific twist would appeal to many people. 

With this smaller but well detailed set, you can now lay your hands on a Pharaohs tomb and begin examining the rich Egyptian history right within your own home

This model has a tonne of little detailed features, starting with an Artifact Scanner which has a moveable tray so you can actually move objects in and out of the machine with ease, which is also detailed with blue scanners inside. There is also a little window on the side for the minifigures  and you to view the objects while they are being scanned.

A lab which has a worktop for examining the artifacts, high tech computers to gather data, many temperature valves to make sure it won’t breakdown and a high voltage power supply on the back to run this magnificent machine.

The sarcophagus is a sacred resting place so must be decorated beautifully, I have tried to achieve that by using as much detail as I could, using red, orange and white studs, the outside is as good as the inside, and you best not hope the mummy wakes up when you lift the lid!

I hope you are a fan of my project and will give it a vote and share it with your friends. Thank you very much and any comments would be great appreciated.

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